J. Grant
Mon Apr 15 04:26:00 GMT 2002

Hello cgf,

The idea was from a conversation I had with some co-workers, not
entirely seriously but thank you for your reply setting the facts straight.

Windows has been established as a reasonable generic word IMO, with the
Lindows case this was hinted at reciently.


Christopher Faylor wrote:
 > On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 01:12:56PM +0900, J. Grant wrote:
 >>I agree with your postion on calling a Linux system GNU/Linux.  Have you
 >>considered using the name GNU/Windows when refering to machines that use
 >>the RedHat Cygwin UNIX envoroment?  This would be good publicity for
 >>the GNU tools that are installed on Windows machines. Also it would make
 >>it well known that many Windows machines use GNU software for shell
 >>scripting and other tasks supported by the Cygwin enviroment.
 > I don't see how naming is really anyone's decision but Red Hat's.  We
 > own Cygwin.  Certainly Cygwin owes a lot to the GNU tools from FSF but
 > we are not going to be renaming the distribution because of that.  I
 > think it would be confusing to refer to it by two names.
 > Even if that was not the case, we can't use the word "Windows" in this
 > connotation since there are, arguably, trademark issues with doing that.
 > We used to use the term gnu-win32 but were asked to change.  I think
 > that part of the reason was that we don't want to use the word "win"
 > with relation to Windows.
 > Finally, to follow your analogy, the name would be GNU/Cygwin anyway,
 > not GNU/Windows.  Cygwin is equivalent to Linux in this scenario.
 > cgf

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