crypt command

Sam Edge
Sat Apr 13 18:14:00 GMT 2002

> Its very easy to knock your self up a crypt. Perl has a crypt function so it
> should be very easy to create a crypt that takes the plain text password on
> stdin. It would also very easy to do in 'C' (although it appears that mcrypt
> will do the job).

mcrypt has (old) crypt compatibility but if that isn't a requirement then the openssl package can be made to do much the same thing very easily.

    openssl des3 -salt -pass pass:X  <plaintext  >ciphertext
    openssl des3 -d -pass pass:X  <ciphertext  >plaintext

You can choose a different cipher if you like - they're all better than the crippled Enigma one that crypt used to use - although a passphrase better than a single "X" character is probably a good idea.

Sam Edge

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