Compliance with the GPL (cygwin)

Herbert Valerio Riedel
Sat Apr 13 02:26:00 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 01:46, Charles Wilson wrote:
> License compliance for programs which use cygwin.
>    VCDImager (cygiwin-1.3.6)


> Note that it's very easy for each of these projects to comply with 
> cygwin's license (the GPL): just
>    1) make their own source available (true already, for most of them)

>    2) put a tarball of the (appropriate) cygwin DLL source code on
>       their ftp site with their other downloads,

>    3) ditto for other cygwin-linked libraries (zlib, libxml, libjpeg)
>       if applicable
will follow as soon as I get time to

>    4) mention the availability of the source code for libraries
>       used to create their windows port somewhere on their
>       webpage (not strictly necessary, but what's the point of
>       1 -- 3 if you don't advertise it?)

>    5) A plug for the cygwin project itself (
>       would be nice, but definitely not necessary for license compliance.
> To dampen the inevitable arguments about the GPL:

>   VCDImager
>     which contains cygwin1.dll-1.3.6, cygz.dll, and cygxml-2.dll
>     VCDImager provides the src for cygwin, but not
>       zlib or xml.  (Actually, they provide LOTS of different
>       src tarballs -- probably more than they need to -- but
>       all for various versions of cygwin, not zlib/xml.
> So, to sum up:
>    VCDImager project: seems mostly compliant; need a reminder to
>    include also OTHER source code (zlib, libxml)

will do so;

btw, I do this just for the unstable series; as soon as the official
stable series come out, they'll lack the .dll's

btw2: libxml2 was provided in source, I just happen to have deleted it
by accident

ps: just wondering, which personal interest do you have, that others
(we) comply to the terms? -- plz don't see this question as personal
attack or something alike.

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