Bash shell extension ?

Andrew DeFaria
Fri Apr 12 13:50:00 GMT 2002

Donald MacVicar wrote:

>>> surely you could just have @="rxvt -ls -e bash -c \"cd '%1'; exec 
>>> bash --login\"" and then all the startup scripts would be run properly? 
>> Nope! Because --login runs /etc/profile and /etc/profile cd's to $HOME!
> Realised that about 10 secs after I sent the mail. 

I know how that goes! :-)

> how about put the --login on the first bash - i.e. txvt -ls -e bash 
> --login -c ......  Just tried that and it seems to wok.

Perhaps. Actually I'm a big advocate of putting options in ~/.Xdefaults 
to make the command line for things like rxvt a lot shorter. I already 
have loginShell set to true there so the -ls is irrelevent in my situation.

Actually does anybody know how to make this run minimized by default? I 
say that because there is that annoying, flashing window that Windows 
apparenlty runs cmd in to execute the contents of the command key here. 
My workaround for this, WRT shortcuts say on the desktop, is to preceed 
this already long command with "cmd /c start /b..." but then set the 
shortcut to run minimized. So instead of a large flashing cmd window 
there's a momentary blip in the taskbar that is quickly replaced with 
the rxvt entry. BTW the /c is equivalent to -c and start's /b option 
says don't open a cmd window for this command.

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