Automating Package Updates

Robert Collins
Thu Apr 11 23:02:00 GMT 2002

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> From: Alan Dobkin [mailto:Alan@ADobkin.Net] 
> Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 6:25 AM

> Has anyone developed a mechanism to notify and automatically 
> update Cygwin packages on deployed systems? 

AFA I am aware, no.

> I've searched 
> the list and haven't seen anything like this yet, so I'm 
> working on a perl script do it, which I will share if 
> there is interest.  The idea is similar to RedHat's RHN/ 
> up2date program for Linux.  But if something like this 
> already exists for Cygwin, then I won't reinvent the wheel.

Well the wheel half exists. Setup can do what you want, but only
> The script I'm working on requires Cygwin to already be 
> installed, so it's not intended as a replacement for the 
> setup program, and it would probably no longer be needed 
> once there is a command-line setup.  

There is now. It simply needs for more command line options to be added.
I checked in some support classes a couple of weeks back, and announced
this in cygwin-apps.

> It also requires perl 
> to run, along with bzip and tar for package installation, 
> ssmtp for e-mail notification, and cron for automation. 

> It compares setup's installed.db file with the latest 
> setup.ini to determine what has changed.  

This is dangerous. installed.db is not currently versioned, and is not
an API. In other words, setup may change it's format or remove it
completely as setup gets more advanced.

I like the idea though. It'd be really neat if you were to help add
appropriate command line options to setup.exe. That should be quite
straight forward now.


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