Bug: Wrong text file type from CVS under Perl?

Peter Andersen datpete@daimi.au.dk
Thu Apr 11 01:39:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: Bug: Wrong text file type from CVS under Perl?

> Oops, I am a little tired...
> I'm using perl-5.7.3 here;)
> Well at least this is good news to know that it will work
> with perl-5.8.  This means I cannot reproduce this bug now
> because I have no perl-5.6.1 installed here.
> Another option is PERLIO.
> Try to:
> 1. export PERLIO=perlio
> and:
> 2. export PERLIO=stdio
> maybe this makes a difference.

Unfortunately not.
Here is a session showing the problem:

$ /bin/rm CHANGES
$ cvs up CHANGES
$ cat -v CHANGES | head -1
$ /bin/rm CHANGES
$ perl -e "system 'cvs up CHANGES';"
$ cat -v CHANGES | head -1

As you can see I get ^M at the end of the lines (all lines - here just first
This does not happen with all repositories, though.
I have tried looking at the CHANGES,v file in the repository, and there are
no ^M characters in there.
Also, as you can see, this does not happen when call cvs directly on the
command line. So the repository seems OK. It must be a perl issue(?)
I have verified that it is the same version of cvs that I run directly in
the shell and via perl.

I have tried to reinstall the entire cygwin (from installer
I cannot get newer versions of perl than  5.6.1-2.
How do I get 5.7 or 5.8 that you mention?

/Peter Andersen

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