gcc linker not producing executable

Dennis McNulty dennis@giantfir.com
Tue Apr 9 20:59:00 GMT 2002

Pavel  -

It turned out that I did have two copies of cygwin1.dll, both in the cygwin
directory area.  I had an older version (1.3.2) in my /home/my_name
directory, which was also where I had the .c files I was trying to compile
and link.  Removing that one now causes the more recent one in /bin to be
invoked, and gcc linking works again.   g++ linking had worked because the
.cpp files were in a different directory that didn't have its own copy of
the dll.

>From reading earlier threads, I was inspired to remove only a duplicate .dll
from the windows/system directory.  I never thought to look for duplicates
in the cygwin area.  Thanks muchly for the tip.

-  Dennis McNulty
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> Hello Dennis,
> Tuesday, April 09, 2002, 6:52:37 AM, you wrote:
> DM> messages at all.  In fact, if I ask to use gcc to link, it will even
> DM> the -o file if it already exists.  I'm forced into using gcc to
> DM> only, then ld to link.
> DM> Any ideas about what could be causing this?
> Just a quick guess ? Do you have two (maybe more) copies of
> cygwin1.dll on your system ? If you dont know try searching the output
> of 'cygcheck -r -s -v'.

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