ps command - revisited

Christopher Faylor
Tue Apr 9 20:46:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 10:59:36PM -0400, Alan Dobkin wrote:
>I don't know why Chris's process isn't showing up, but I can attest to
>the fact that all Windows processes, including those associated with
>services *do* appear in the ps -W output, with only two exceptions: the
>System Idle Process (PID #0) and the CSRSS.EXE (Client/Server Run-Time
>Subsystem) process, which is the user-mode portion of the Win32

As with so many other things in Cygwin, what you see is what you get
from the underlying Windows API that we're using.  If certain processes
aren't showing up when we say "give me all of your processes", then they
aren't being displayed.

The exception is PID 0.  The zero pid is special to cygwin so it can't
be displayed due to a cygwin limitation.

>Maybe cgf knows why these are missing and/or can add them to a future

The functionality you see now is all that I plan on providing.

Patches are, as always, gratefully accepted, however.


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