Installing ?!

Mahlon Hull
Tue Apr 9 19:59:00 GMT 2002

OK, this may be the stupidest question you've ever
seen in your life but I'm asking it anyway. How the
&*!! do you install cygwin. I downloaded the setup
program and i ran it. I selected install from internet
and hit the next button. Then I selceted the root
directory and the defalt text file type and hit the
next button. Then I selected the local package
directory and hit next. Then it asks me to select my
internet connection, this is where the fun begins.
First of all I don't know what the options mean:
direct connection, use ie5 settings, and use http/ftp
proxy. First of all what does direct connection mean,
am i supposed to be on the internet when I try to do
this (I'm guessing yes), or does this dial them up
directly (I doubt this) or what? Second I have
Internet Explorer 6 not 5, I'm assuming that ie5
stands for Internet Explorer 5. And lastly what are
you supposed to put in the proxy host box and the port
box if you select that option? Anyway I have selected
the first two options and all I get is this error:

Can't get list of download sites.
Make sure your network settings are correct and try

What does that mean? And I'm sure you'e figured out
that I don't know how to use the third option but I'm
sure even if I did it would give me the same error.
Anyway if someone could give me some insight as to why
I'm having this problem it would be greatly
appreciated. Oh, I do not know if this makes a
difference or not, I don't think that it would because
the website says that this opperating system is
"expected to run", but I have Windows XP Professional

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