1.3.10-1: Cannot create filenames starting with a period in XP

Joe Drago joeroot@gotdoofed.com
Tue Apr 9 15:10:00 GMT 2002

I have set up a Cygwin install on a Windows 2000 Workstation machine, and
got bash and sshd to run perfectly. I can create all regular files,
including important ones like ".bashrc" in my HOME folder. Following the
same set up, I attempted to set up the same deal on a Windows XP Pro
machine, and although everything -else- works, creating a filename in with a
period (such as .bashrc) is nearly impossible.

So far, the only way I have found to circumvent it is that "mv" will allow
me to rename a file and add a period to the front, but this is not good
enough, as vim complains about the swap/recovery file every time I edit one
of these files.

Is there a setting in Windows XP that I am not aware of, or is this a
limitation with NTFS? My W2K machine runs W2K's FAT32, and
my XP Pro machine runs XP's NTFS (no encryption).

I "STFW" all day, and R'd all of TFMs that I know of, and am at a loss.

Thank you for reading this, and thanks in advance for any replies,

Joe Drago

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