permission problem after installation under W2K

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Tue Apr 9 07:55:00 GMT 2002

At 07:53 AM 4/9/2002, Ulrich Voss wrote:
> > 
> > OK.  Better go to strace and cygcheck -s -r -v output.  Perhaps it's
> > just a missing 'ntsec' setting in your CYGWIN environment variable?  
>No it's there ...
>$ cygcheck -s -c -v | grep ntsec
>CYGWIN = `tty ntsec'

OK, what about my other two suggestions?  Did that unearth anything 

> > A
> > review of pertinent areas of the User's Guide might prove helpful.
>But I don't have the slightest clue where to look ... I never had this 
>problem before. And I have installed cygwin/sshd on several 
>computers before.

All the more reason to review the User's Guide.  If you understand better 
how Cygwin does things, you'll be better equipped to understand where to
look when problems occur.  I'd recommend anything having to do with file
permissions and it's handling in Cygwin, since that appears to be the root
of your problem.

>Ok, I tried a new install. I deleted /cygwin. I deleted the cygnus 
>tree from the registry. The only thing I didn't delete is the cygwin 
>environment variable set to ntsec and tty. And now the setup 

Why not use setup to uninstall everything?  Then there's no guessing about
the procedure.

>doesn't even create my home dir. When I try to login, I get this:
>mkdir: cannot create directory `/home': Permission denied

What exactly is invoking this?  How are you logging in?

>bash: cd: /home/Administrator: No such file or directory
>I haven't changed a single bit on /etc/passwd or /etc/group this 
>$ less /etc/passwd
>$ less /etc/group
>I'm not sure what when wrong, but I have never seen this problem 
>on NT before.
>And I think, when I can't access my own home dir, this is a bug in 
>setup. Or the password creation? Or somewhere else.

Or local permissions.  What kind of permissions are set on your file systems
in Windows world?  (Very) recently we had a report from someone having all 
sorts of permission problems due to the fact that they set permissions on 
their local file system to allow only authenticated users (this was a problem
for ftp in this case).  Also, as I pointed out above, specifics about the 
process you take when you see these problems and what generates the errors
is necessary if you want someone to offer you useful possible solutions.  
It's clear you see a problem but most of the information you're providing is 
not helpful to anyone.  It's important to zero in on a problem but it's not
possible to do that with random musings on the possible sphere of faults and
sparse diagnostic tidbits.  If you can provide the information I asked you 
about, someone may be able to offer you some insight.  Or you may have some
yourself! ;-)

Just my $.02.

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