gcc linker not producing executable

Dennis McNulty dennis@giantfir.com
Mon Apr 8 21:53:00 GMT 2002

I'm running cygwin on a Win98 system, and have gcc.exe and g++.exe (in /bin)
both with version 2.95.3-5, and both with mod dates of Jun/17/2001.  g++
works just fine, and it can compile and link simple programs with a single
command.  However, gcc will not produce an executable, neither following
the -o option or even the default a.out.  It doesn't give any diagnostic
messages at all.  In fact, if I ask to use gcc to link, it will even delete
the -o file if it already exists.  I'm forced into using gcc to compile
only, then ld to link.

Any ideas about what could be causing this?

-  Dennis McNulty   <dennis@giantfir.com>

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