[bug?] binary mount point option in setup

James Nord teilo@cdt.luth.se
Mon Apr 8 14:29:00 GMT 2002

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:

>At 04:19 PM 4/8/2002, James Nord wrote:
>>I apear to have found a bug in cygwins setup program
>>When installing as administrator on XP if you select install for everyone and set the default file format to be unix then the /cygdrive mount point will be binary mode when running as the administrator user.
>>mounts are stored in HLKM, however /cygdrive mounts and defaults are stored in HKCU
>>(see below.)
>>So when a user (not administrator) comes to use the cygwin tools /cygdrive is mounted text not binary.
>>Why does cygwin store the /cygdrive default in HKCU and not HKLM when installing as multiuser?
>>why not store the info in HKLM along with the other mount options?
>Patches cheerfully accepted!
Hmm well...

 From what I gather the setup calls function set_cygdrive_flags in mount.cc
in my case issytem = true

Line 202
      status = get_cygdrive_flags (key, &cygdrive_flags);
won't that *always* fail unless the key already exists?  We are 
installing clean so it will never exist?

Anyway, diff attached - don't know if it is correct or if it works, 
usual disclaimers apply ;-)

>>Also I couldn't find a way to change the options without running setup or regedit again.
>>full drives can be changed with the mount command but /cygdrive only?
>mount -b -s -c /cygdrive

but hand on... what do the flags actually do?
the flag in HKCU is 22 (binary nounmount)? but when I ran that command 
it set the flags in HKLM to 2a

difference being?

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