cron as w2k service

Ralph Winzinger
Mon Apr 8 03:03:00 GMT 2002


I'm just trying to run cron as an windows 2000 service. I'm currently
facing a prblem which I couldn't solve with the help of mailing-list
archives or any other internet resources for the last two weeks. So
please don't answer 'check the archives ...' ;-)

ntsec is not set

After cygwin installation, I'm running crontab -e to create/edit a
crontab. Works as expected.
After that I'm installing cron as a windows service using the
"CYGWIN=3Dntsec" parameter. Works as expected.
My cronjobs are doing fine.
The problem is, that cron changes the rights for /var/cron/tabs in a way
that I can't write there any more. Thus trying to change the crontab in
future results in a permission denied message.

If I install cron without the ntsec parameter, I'm able to change my
crontab as often as I want. But the tradeoff is, that my jobs are not
executed (can't switch user context).

/etc/passwd and /etc/group should be fine since generated using mk... -l
> /etc/...

if I set the ntsec parameter 'globally' as an windows environment
variable, my rights are somehow messed up: I can't even write in my home
directory or in /tmp ...

Any hints welcome

BTW: great tool!

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