Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Apr 7 19:38:00 GMT 2002

>>       fact,  Cygwin  was  once known as GNU/Win32.)

> I don't think there is any reason to mention this.  It is really ancient
> history now.

I have BA in History. :)

>>As such, the user environment is more similar to a GNU/Linux system>
>>than, for example, Sun Solaris.

>I find the term GNU/Linux a real abomination.  

I think the theory is that someone could put a Linux kernel with, say, 
BSD versions of the CL tools. But, it's never happened, so it does seem like
a waste of four letters (as I write this on my Debian GNU/Linux laptop 
connected to my Red Hat Linux firewall).

I'll move around the BUGS stuff, I was going to add that to intro.3
also. COPYRIGHT looks good?

I was already thinking that COMPATIBILITY seemed too wordy. Here's a 
maybe better one:

       Cygwin  uses the GNU versions of many of the standard UNIX
       command-line utilities (sed, awk, etc.), so the user envi-
       ronment  is more similar to a Linux system than, for exam-
       ple, Sun Solaris.

       The default login  shell  for  Cygwin  is  bash,  the  GNU
       "Bourne-Again  Shell",  but  other shells such as tcsh (an
       improved csh) are also  available  and  can  be  installed
       using Cygwin's setup.exe.  The Bourne-compatible shell ash
       is used as /bin/sh.

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