Cannot locate col command in any current packages.

dawillis dawillis
Sat Apr 6 23:32:00 GMT 2002


If anyone could tell me if the col command is
available for the cygwin environment, I would
appreciate it.  I've looked through all of the
packages that would be likely canidates (ie.
cygutils), but have not found it.  I also searched the
web and newsgroups via for information, and
the only thing I could find was a thread discussing
why col was no longer a good method for turning man
pages into plain text.

If col is not a part of any cygwin packages, I would
be more than willing to port it over to the cygwin
environment. I doubt it would be much work, but I just
want to make sure it is not already available before
heading down that road.


David A. Willis

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