createing own setup.exe

Chris Ellsworth
Sat Apr 6 15:20:00 GMT 2002

    The current made setup.exe file does not do all i need it to do.
I have spent some time looking @ this list and what the setup.exe does
so far the best help i have found so far is someone post
    The final script will be setup so it will add a user/group to 2k/xp
and also make the additions to the group and passwd file for cygwin
and possilby other things that i need it to do.

mkdir c:\cygwin
cd c:\cygwin
c:\whereever\tar xjf /cygdrive/c/whereever/cygwin-*.tar.bz2
mount -f -s -b c:/cygwin /
mount -f -s -b c:/cygwin/lib /usr/lib
mount -f -s -x -b c:/cygwin/bin /usr/bin
c:\whereever\tar xjf /cygdrive/c/whereever/bash-*.tar.bz2
for f in /cygdrive/c/whereever/*.tar.bz2; do
    case "$f" in
        cygwin-*) ;;
        bash-*) ;;
        i d    *) /cygdrive/c/whereever/tar xjf $f ;;
cd /etc/postinstall
for f in *.sh; do /bin/sh ./$f; done
for f in *.bat; do cmd /c .\\$f; done
--end cut---

The target OS is Win2k or WinXP at this point i have gotten my
script to make the <drive>:\cygwin and then copy the *tar.bz2 nad *tar.gz
and extract them to the \cygwin.
it should not be too hard for me to script running the mount commands
but my questions start
i guess i could get most my answered if i could see the what all the
setup.exe does

1. The postinstall do they need to be run bash (I assume Yes)

2.  I see the setup.exe has option for all/1 user and the dos/unix where
would i set these?

3. does the \cygdive mounting happen automaticly? or is this run in the

4. dealing with the dos/unix default text type.  if set to dos, should all
txt file editing be done via windows, whereas if unix all text file editing
should be done in unix?

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