Should setup suggests to downgrade? [WAS: Lillypond for cygwin]

Cliff Hones
Sat Apr 6 01:02:00 GMT 2002

> setup should probably *never* suggest either going backwards or uninstalling.

Never say never?  Suppose a showstopper bug is found in a released
package - say one which could result in filestore or configuration
corruption.  The quickest solution would be to revert to the
previous version, and to make this painless (and avoid traffic here)
having the downgrade done automatically by setup would be nice.

A flag in setup.ini to indicate that a package version has been
withdrawn would do - something like "withdrawn : <version>".

Of course the correct solution would be to rebuild the previous
working version with a higher number, or even better, to fix the
bug, but sometimes time is of the essence.

-- Cliff

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