Question on the new behavior of setup.exe

Doug Wyatt
Sat Apr 6 00:09:00 GMT 2002

Let's just say that today was worse that yesterday - I'm
accumulating a list of problem reports from disgruntled
users with domain server file access problems, plus a
growing list of problem symtoms I'm finding for myself
as I try to get some kind of handle on what's actually
going on.  Thus far, my most concrete deduction is that
I'm getting a headache and a strong urge to take sick

Setup.exe ran fine for me when I downloaded to a local
disk drive on another PC at the office.  Our domain is
not currently an appropriate test environment for it.


> Hello Doug,
> Friday, April 05, 2002, 2:51:16 PM, you wrote:
> DW> Hi,
> DW> It appears that the problem with downloads on the W2k PC is the
> DW> result of one or more problems on the PC itself and between W2k
> DW> PC's in general and the NT Domain Server.  The download dir is on
> DW> a server share and it always worked w/o problems on and before
> DW> 18Mar02.  Naturally, my first assumption when I saw the changes
> DW> in the operation of setup.exe was that it was at fault.
> DW> Now, I doubt it!
> Ok - but more information is needed.... Feel free to share more
> on these problems that you talk about.
> Do you think it may be permissions problem ?
> DW> A segment of the log you asked for is:
> [snip]
> DW> 2002/04/05 02:05:16 mbox fatal: Can't open P:\Cygwin-v1_1_x/ftp%3a%2f%2fftp.uni-
> DW>
> DW>     automake/automake-devel/automake-devel-1.5b-1.tar.bz2.tmp for writing:
> DW>     No such file or directory
> DW> 2002/04/05 02:09:11 Ending cygwin install
> Nothing here to indicate that this is a problem with setup.exe, but also
> nothing which denies it :)
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