errno.h - EILSEQ

Christopher Faylor
Fri Apr 5 22:27:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 10:01:36PM -0600, Dave Trollope wrote:
>Since it exists on Linux and Solaris, I figured that this was new to
>Cygwin and its applications.  The question is, for what was it
>introduced to both Linux and Solaris, and shouldn't it be introduced to

That's rarely the question.

The question is "Who's going to do the work to get it into Cygwin?"

The way to get something into Cygwin is to send a patch.

Hopefully, you'd implement both the errno and the code for detecting it,
whereever it exists.  Otherwise, as Corinna indicates, there is no
reason for the errno.  If some code is expecting it, without making it
conditional, you could easily make a case that THAT code is in error
since it's frightfully simple to check for this type of thing.


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