Question on the new behavior of setup.exe

Karl Chen
Fri Apr 5 05:41:00 GMT 2002

I had the same problem with the 2.194 setup.exe, not on a network share,
but now I can't reproduce the bug.

By the way, it was not at all obvious that you can select more than one
mirror. Suggestion: print a hint to this effect; and also change the
selection box to the kind that is specifically for multiple selections,
i.e. clicking on entry X toggles whether X is selected, rather than
changing the selection to "X only" - I think you just need to set a flag
on creating the box.

Another suggestion: make the mirror selection more graceful when the
user accidentally selects a dead server: instead of having to cancel and
start over allow a timeout and going back.

> It appears that the problem with downloads on the W2k PC is the
> result of one or more problems on the PC itself and between W2k
> PC's in general and the NT Domain Server.  The download dir is on
> a server share and it always worked w/o problems on and before
> 18Mar02.  Naturally, my first assumption when I saw the changes
> in the operation of setup.exe was that it was at fault.
> Now, I doubt it!

quarl / Karl Chen 

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