WinXP users without password and cygwin_logon_user

Pavel Tsekov
Fri Apr 5 03:04:00 GMT 2002

Hello Robert,

Friday, April 05, 2002, 12:50:26 PM, you wrote:

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>> Subject: WinXP users without password and cygwin_logon_user
>> Hello, there! :)
>> I want to raise this issue again... In short
>> on my WinXP Home cygwin_logon_user fails to log
>> users without password set (or empty passwords - I dont know 
>> which is correct to be said). Is this a known issue ? The 
>> failed Win32 API is LogonUser. I red the MSDN docu on this 
>> API but it was of no help at all... I've tried several 
>> different ways to call LogonUser but to no avail:(
>> This issue affects the instructions in the inetutils README 
>> file which say that to run anonymous ftp you either have to 
>> use Guest or create an account without password named (or 
>> mapped) ftp. Still Guest is allowed without pass by 
>> LogonUser, but not any other accounts...

RC> There is a policy setting - prevent logons with blank passwords except
RC> for console users. You could try flipping that and see what happens.

Well, I think this doesn't help much with XP home - it doesn't allow
you to edit policies :) Or at least I can't find the tool which does
it :)

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