WinXP users without password and cygwin_logon_user

Pavel Tsekov
Fri Apr 5 01:52:00 GMT 2002

Hello, there! :)

I want to raise this issue again... In short
on my WinXP Home cygwin_logon_user fails to log
users without password set (or empty passwords - I dont know which is
correct to be said). Is this a known issue ? The failed Win32 API is
LogonUser. I red the MSDN docu on this API but it was of no help at
all... I've tried several different ways to call LogonUser but to no

This issue affects the instructions in the inetutils README file which
say that to run anonymous ftp you either have to use Guest or create
an account without password named (or mapped) ftp. Still Guest is
allowed without pass by LogonUser, but not any other accounts...

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