App Unable to Acceess X Display

Thu Apr 4 17:45:00 GMT 2002

Hello.  My name is Mike.  I am running Win 2000 Pro.  I have recently
tried to install the Lyx Latex editor.  I had a successful Cygwin and,
by all indications, Lyx install.  When I try to launch Lyx, I receive
the error "cannot access X display, exiting."  I raise the issue here
because it does not seem to have been resolved at the "Lyx" end of
things and thus may be a bigger problem than just the app itself.

The pat response to the query from the Lyx side of the house is to
modify the Lyx config file.  Specifically, to change the variable
"DISPLAY ="  from " localhost:0.0" to the computer's IP address e.g.
"".  Unfortunately, several posts seem to indicate that
this does not necessarily work.  Certainly, in my case it hasn't.  The
other pat answer is to make sure any firewalls allow local port access.
This does not seem to resolve the issue either.  I have searched the
internet and mail archives and still haven't found a solution.

Again, I raise the issue simply in case it matters to you.  If you have
an insight it would be appreciated.  Meanwhile, I will return to trying
to convince my department that even if it isn't WYSIWYG, Latex is still
worth a shot.  Cheers.


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