v1.3.10 - must run bash twice to read .bashrc

Thor Anders Aarhaug taarhaug@nuts.edu
Thu Apr 4 16:10:00 GMT 2002

Richard Brust <brust@tbri.com> writes:

| BTW, the $HOME is /home/Administrator, not /home/myloginname, which
| does not seem to be an issue, as this is the way is was on other
| machines.  Additionally, when I do run the "bash" command the second
| time, the $HOME is still the same.

although no expert on this, I experienced this when logged onto a
domain.  when adding a local account with the same login name, it
somehow works.  use "mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd" to 'activate' the new

not sure why, but it certainly saved me from the 'login <user>' every
time :-)


Thor Anders Aarhaug
"October 13. 1307 was on a Friday."

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