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Gupta, Sanjay
Thu Apr 4 11:07:00 GMT 2002

I have figured it out how to use openssl to encrypt / decrypt file.

openssl des3  -in README -out README.des3
The input file is README and output file is README.des3. The README.des3 is
the encrypyed file. When you will run this command, it will ask for the
password to encrypt the file.

to decrypt the encrpted file.
openssl des3 -d -in README.des3 -k yourpassword
where yourpassword is the password given at the time of encryption, if you
do not give -k yourpassword, it is going to prompt for a password.

Thanks again !.


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Any special reason for wanting crypt/mcrypt, maybe choose pgp or
gpg(?) (the gnu-version of pgp) that is available on many platforms.. 


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