mcrypt commnad

Andrew Markebo
Wed Apr 3 22:56:00 GMT 2002

/ "Gupta, Sanjay" <> wrote:
| Sorry, I did not work in all unix, I mean to say Unix I worked with ( Sun
| 5.6, 5.8). I am not sure whether GNU specification is different for crypt
| command. I am not asking that crypt command should be changed in cygwin but
| rather asking is there any equivalent command which works the same way as in
| Sun OS.
| You are getting command not found error in Red Hat 7.x, don't you know what
| does it mean ? It means command does not exists in your system . My guess is
| ,you might have to get crypt RPM package to install it.

If the sourcecode exists.. I think I preferr the openpgp rpm package
instead of crypt.. :-) (My first guesses was the c-function crypt(),

crypt on solaris is probably solaris unique.. hmm I have it here on my
HP too.. seems to be same algorithm... Ahh well.


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