Joshua Daniel Franklin
Wed Apr 3 21:25:00 GMT 2002

> I think this is a wonderful idea.  Can I sign you up to improve the
> documentation, too?  I'm sure that a lot of it is out of date or needs
> more details.

Sure. I'll do my best, though to warn you I use cygwin almost exclusively in
user-land and am not very intimate with the internals. I do have the source, 
though. I also thought it'd be good to push people to the (docbook-generated)
website to there's a single point to update.

> It would be nice if most of it was available in info format, too.
I think Chuck said something about a tool for docbook->texinfo. I'll see about
that. Er. After doing this. And getting the doctool stuff and figuring out how
to compile it.

> I wonder if we should nuke the newlib man pages in the process and just
> make one cygwin-man package containing everything.

Is the newlib-man stuff not maintained by someone else? 
Or do you mean just for the packaging?

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