ftpd now broken with current cygwin release.. I fixed my setup:

Gord Wait Gord_Wait@spectrumsignal.com
Wed Apr 3 16:31:00 GMT 2002

	I've got my ftpd working again,
	no more "Can't set uid" when I try to ftp from a cygwin machine..

Under no circumstances should you take my description below as advice! Buyer beware!

  Looks like I got caught in the unix versus windows password area..
	My workaround was to 
	- make sure I set CYGWIN system environment variable to include "ntsec"
	- added a local to my host PC account that I can use for ftp access. 

To recap - before the update ftp was working, allowing me to use my network domain
login ID for both telnet and ftp to my host PC. 
After I updated, telnet still worked fine, but ftp would reject my login
saying "Can't set uid"

I'm up and running by using a new local account on my host for ftp access. 
I think the problem I have using my 
My network login has local only admin priveledges on the host PC, but not on the network.
What also happens is that if I try a mkpasswd -d I get a few of the real network
admin account names followed by a permission denied (ie our network domain server won't let
me sniff the domain account list?) , so I'm unable
to build /etc/passwd with real values from my own windows network account. I think this
is the crux of my issue..
Since I have admin priveleges on my host pc, it was simple to add a new local
account for ftp..

Anyhow, I'm up and running ftpd again. Feel free to correct me on the details above..

Gord Wait

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