mcrypt commnad

Gupta, Sanjay
Wed Apr 3 14:04:00 GMT 2002

I have read
note and I have tried every thing which was mentioned here but did not help.


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No idea about why you are missing cputs and cgets, easy way is to use
something other to print and input a string.. 

Meanwhile, just a quick thought, if I remember right you said
something like "I can't use cygwin crypt(), because it is not
unix-compatible", well how many crypt()'s out there on Solaris, Linux,
HP, digital alpha are compatible?? 

Or is it me being on the wrong line?? Using mcrypt on the unix-machine
and cygwin probably does the same thing.. 

BTW Saw a note on the mcrypt-dev on compiling mcrypt with cygwin, they
referred to use and link against mingw.. 


| getpass.o: In function `mcrypt_getpass':
| /usr/src/mcrypt-2.5.10/src/getpass.c:48: undefined reference to `_cputs'
| /usr/src/mcrypt-2.5.10/src/getpass.c:49: undefined reference to `_cgets'

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