ncftp current release won't run - missing CYGREADLINE5.DLL

Gord Wait
Wed Apr 3 10:42:00 GMT 2002

Sorry, but I ran the newest setup This Week (monday), and it broke my ftpd operation,
("Can't set uid") and tossed out the cygreadline5.dll breaking ncftp.exe
so I'm not spreading old information.

One of the posters aimed me at the Faq which talks about
how dll's can get deleted, and how to manually walk thru
the installation and install separate packages in order to restore deleted dlls, 
which I then paraphrased and posted in reply
to Robert Collins question. 

If setup.exe is now fixed, thats great,
I guess the Faq needs to be updated. 

If it's not fixed, then my solution of wiping my drive clean of Cygwin and reinstalling
is safe, and takes less of my time than hunting down individual dll files that go missing,
and could possibly be a more reliable workaround, from my limited understanding of the
issue. I guess for someone with a lower speed connection, it will be faster to
individually restore missing dll files, but it requires human intervention. 

Peace everyone..
Gord Wait


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