setup.exe and mirror list question

Pavel Tsekov
Tue Apr 2 23:36:00 GMT 2002

Hello Scott,

Tuesday, April 02, 2002, 6:44:47 PM, you wrote:

SP> Robert (or anyone),

SP> Regarding the setup.exe "Choose a Download Site" page:

SP> What I am doing right now is running an internal Cygwin mirror, updated every 24h via rsync. When a user runs setup.exe from my mirror, I'd like my internal mirror to be the ONLY available mirror
SP> displayed in the install screen.

SP> I checked the FAQ & discussion lists and could not see how this would be done. Is this possible?

The setup program fetches the mirror list from a hardcoded URL which
is found in the resource section of the executable. So you can use a
resource editor to change this URL to something apropriate for you...
Another way to achieve this is to get the setup.exe sources and change
the URL in the resource (.rc) script file and compile your own
version. Still I think both choices will make your version of
setup.exe unsupported by this list ... or maybe I'm wrong :))

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