ncftp current release won't run - missing CYGREADLINE5.DLL

Alan Dobkin Alan@ADobkin.Net
Tue Apr 2 11:44:00 GMT 2002

Another thing I would suggest is to look at the requirements 
for ncftp in the setup.ini file.  For 3.1.3-1, it indicates:

requires: cygwin libncurses5 libreadline5 terminfo less

The question is, why weren't these requirements met when you 
installed ncftp?  Did you use a current setup.exe installer?  

In my case, I had all the required packages installed (at 
least according to the setup program), but somehow the actual 
contents of the libreadline packages never got installed on 
my system.  In other words, the latest libreadline4 and 5 
entries existed in /etc/setup/installed.db, and the files 
libreadline[45].lst.gz existed in /etc/setup, but the files 
/usr/bin/cyghistory[45].dll and /usr/bin/cygreadline[45].dll 
did not exist.  The only way I can imagine this happened is 
due to a bug (possibly fixed by now) in setup.exe, as that 
is the only method I've used to install cygwin packages on 
my system.  In any case, the solution was to reinstall them.

I also wrote a quick little shell script to make sure I wasn't 
missing any other files that were supposedly already installed.  
It can be summed up with the following one-liner command:

cd / && ls `zcat /etc/setup/*.gz | grep -v etc/postinstall` >/dev/null

This will print out "No such file or directory" errors for each 
file that is supposedly installed but doesn't actually exist.


--On Tuesday, April 02, 2002 11:49 AM -0500 "Larry Hall (RFK Partners,
Inc)" <> wrote:

> At 11:36 AM 4/2/2002, Gord Wait wrote:
>> The dll is nowhere on my filesystem?
>> Help?
> I'm going to suggest installing the missing DLL.  Refer to 
> if you're not sure what package contains 
> the DLL you're missing. 

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