connect() does not work with UNIX domain datagram sockets

Tue Apr 2 07:50:00 GMT 2002


I am porting a client-server set of programs that run
fine under linux.
The programs communicate using UNIX domain datagram sockets.
the server does the classic socket(), unlink(), bind() and then a loop
with read(). There is no accept() because we use datagram

The problem is in the client, which does socket(), connect()
and then a loop with write() calls.
The connect() hangs for 10 seconds and then fails with errno=111
(Connection refused).
When using sendto() I manage to send data, but that doesn't fit well
in the current implementation of the client (we use the same
codebase for several platforms). 
According to the man pages of select() on linux and HP-UX it is allowed
to use connect() with datagram sockets; it sets the default destination
address for the communication over that socket.

Is this a cygwin bug, or am I doing something wrong ?

Please reply to me directly because I did not yet subscribe to
the mailinglist

Erik Devriendt

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