Keyboard problems after cygwin install

Zdenek Sekera
Tue Apr 2 06:48:00 GMT 2002


yes I looked in the FAQ as well as in archives, all I could find was
related to german keyboard and it didn't look like the problem I see.
Hence my questions below, I hope I don't misuse cygwin netiquette.
Note: I am a UNIX guy, click-and-be-amazed (sometimes) Windows guy
and total cygwin beginner.

My system: Win98SE, 3 keyboards defined: english (US), french (Swiss)
and czech.

1. Keyboard default: french
After I installed cygwin, I was getting error messages in french
and cygwin wanted french keyboard neither of these I liked (for
programming) so I decided to reinstall with keyboard default=english (US).
I removed completely (at least all I could think of) all created by
previous (french) installation.
I mention this step because I am not sure if this has any effect
on the next step or not, maybe it doesn't.

2. Keyboard default: english (US) and reboot
All cygwin reinstalled from scratch.
When I bring it up, the first window (echo $TERM gives 'cygwin'
and the window really looks like MS-DOS Prompt window)
it wants the french keyboard despite of the fact the (Windows98)
default is english (and keyboard is really set to english).
How is this possible? Has anything been left somewhere from the
previous install? Does cygwin has a "memory" ??? :-)
Anyway, how can I get rid of it and force it to use English keyboard?

In ideal world I'd like to have default keyboard french and switch
to english (<SHITF-ALT>) when I want to use cygwin.

3. Surprise: I have added cygwin/Xfree86.
When I bring it up (after lots of fiddling with PATH and DISPLAY)
it comes up and works but this time, to my biggest surprise, it uses
the English keyboard just as I wanted.
Can anybody shed some light on this mystery (for me ?)

4. When I click on the cygwin icon to start cygwin and get to this
MS-DOS-like cygwin window (with french keyboard), the 'ps' indicates
it runs /usr/bin/BASH, however, it hadn't read my .bashrc like
it this was not considered a login window.
In that .bashrc I defined the new PATH and DISPLAY so 'startx' brings
Xwindows up. I have to source it ". .bashrc" manually before invoking
How can I make it source .bashrc automatically?
Or am I doing something wrong and the whole thing should be done

Thank and cheers!

---Zdenek Sekera (

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