gnupg automatically answering questions

Ron C. Colcernian rcc@DResults.Com
Mon Apr 1 19:41:00 GMT 2002

When running GnuPg on Win98SE, the windows port on cygwin from bash
version 1.3.10 and 1.3.6,
generating a revoke key gpg does not stop at the confirmation question,
also gpg --gen-key automatically answers the first question.

For example:
$ gpg --gen-revoke
sec 1024D/6829503F 2002-03-31  My Name <>
Create a revocation certificate for this key?   << gpg did not stop here

The problem is that somehow it automatically answered with a return, and
gpg assumed the answer was no by default, as a result I cannot create
a revoke key.

As a side note if I end the command: gpg --gen-revoke
with a Control-J (NL) gpg does stop at the "Create a revo .. " question.

Another example of --gen-key

$ gpg --gen-key
... Greeting
Please select what kind of key you want:
   (1) DSA and ElGamal (default)
   (2) DSA (sign only)
   (3) ElGamal (sign and encrypt)
Your selection?			<< gpg did not stop here and wait for me
DSA keypair will have 1024 bits.
About to generate a new ELG-E keypair
What keysize do you want? (1024) << gpg did stop here to wait for an answer

Under WinXpPro and NT4 gpg (running bash) waits for the user as expected.


Ron Colcernian

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