Failure Audit events (529 and 681) when attempting to telnet...

Carlson, Steve (SPD)
Mon Apr 1 12:53:00 GMT 2002

My ability to login remotely has, sometime in the recent past been, broken. How? I'm not sure. And, I'm having a difficult time working through the problem. I've been through all of the obvious steps, e.g.: verifying that the LocalSystem account has all of the necessary privileges: it does.

Scenario: I start the inetd service and open a telnet session. With the telnet client waiting on the login prompt, the Windows task manager indicates that the in.telnetd and login processes are running. I enter my login account name and type my password, to which login responds with "Login incorrect".

In the event log, I get event codes 529 and 681 in my machine's security log. The details suggest that the login program is attempting to authenticate the account that's running inetd (e.g.: ./System) rather than the login account entered at the prompt.

To prove this theory: I configured the inetd service to "log on as" the Administrator, supplied the correct password, and restarted it. Then, when I try to login with MY account, I still get the "Login incorrect" error. BUT, if I login with ANY account name, even a bogus one that does NOT exist, and supply the ADMINISTRATOR'S password, it works...

I'm stumped... Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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