Should suggests to downgrade? [WAS: Lillypond for Cygwin]

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Mon Apr 1 12:10:00 GMT 2002

"David A. Cobb" <> writes:

>     Hi, Jan.  I hope you won't mind an off-list question.

For this time I won't mind, but a question to
would have been better (maybe others found this problem too).

> I downloaded Tetex with Lillypad about a month ago and got 20001218-4.
> When I go to Cygwin,  SETUP keeps offering to install 20001218-1 ( -3
> if I pick 'Test').
> So, which is right?  --

Latest is always best, but -3 should also work.  We should move -3 out
of test and into the curr.  Same goes for tetex-beta, I think.

By the way, are you using the latest setup.exe from Cygwin?  Setup.exe
should never suggest to downgrade, I think.  Hmm, now I'm thinking
about cc'ing the cygwin list, you wouldn't mind, I hope?


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