"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

Vince Rice vrice@solidrocksystems.com
Sat Jun 30 12:39:00 GMT 2001

>>I wasn't the one interested in building Cygwin; I think that was John.

> You were apparently responding to my query as to why CVS checkout,
> configuring, and building were an apparent big deal here but not in
> other mailing lists.

The applicable quote was:
	I guess the problem that I have with all of this is you almost never
	see anyone in the gcc, or gdb projects professing that cvs checkout
	and building to be a major obstacle.  I don't know what is so different
	about cygwin.

	This project seems to attract more "newbies".  Maybe the "oldbies" are
	all using linux and disdaining Windows.

I said in my initial message that you had said "somewhere in the thread",
because I couldn't find the message when I went looking for it, even though
I had just read it a few minutes before (I found the quote above in the
archives.  I didn't look in the archives the other night because I had just
read the message in my email ten minutes before and thought I remembered it.
Goes to show what memory's good for at 2:00am).  So, what I remembered of
your question was the *last* paragraph above, not the first one.  Thus, I
was addressing the "more newbies" comment, not specifically the checking out
and building.  So, by relying on memory, and not having your full quote in
front of me, I seized on the wrong statement.  My apologies.  I was
responding to the wrong question.

>>You may not say "use the source" when you know the answer, but many
>>here do.

> Ok, but you seemed to be accusing me, specifically, of being unhelpful.

I have no idea how you came to that conclusion, but it is incorrect.  I have
just reviewed my entire message, and absolutely nowhere do I either
explicitly or implicitly accuse you of such, nor was that my intention, nor
was that my thought.  In fact, I said the opposite -- that I agree with your
philosophy.  I also said at the end that that one paragraph digression on
"community" wasn't even the reason I wrote, it was to respond to the
original question (which we've already established I mis-targeted).

Let me spell it out -- I appreciate you and the work you do a great deal.  I
appreciate D.J. and Ernie and Charles and all the rest of the developers
with the skills to improve Cygwin from a code perspective, who work for
nothing.  (I even agree with you *completely* about the zip thread <g>).  I
appreciate it enough I *don't* ask questions here.  I just lurk.  Or I did
before my original message.  I think I'll get back to that.  The lurking
that is.  My deepest sincere apologies to anyone else I've offended.


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