Unix "script" utility continued... cygwin newbie need a porting expert's help.

Perry Dykes pdykes@lakes.com
Fri Jun 29 22:11:00 GMT 2001

Ok, I can't give this script thing up. I'm working on it while on

a) Why do I want script to work? Many folks have given alternatives, but
I have a pretty hard req for a "Script" like utility:

1) I'm using some NT code that that allows me to launch a bash script,
but I can't feed any stream processing steps, such as:
bash --login scripttorun.bsh parm1 parm2 | tee IwishIcouldDothis.log

2) Also, some folks (at least 3 so far) have reviewed the expect book
and posted a snippet of using expect. While interesting, the major
reason I'm not using that is because it only tracks commands as issued,
not the output each command throws.

b) Where I'm at in the compile of script.c located in util-linux-2.11d:

Corinna's reply stated I could use : Open with O_NOCTTY.

I did this code, attached below, but get the following error.


$ gcc -I../lib script.c -o script.exe
script.c: In function `main':
script.c:125: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a
undefined reference to `cfmakeraw'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Assuming I can figure out warning or ignore, the ld error has me
stumped. Is there a cygwin programmer who knows what this means. I'm not
sure how to debug it. I looked through ld man page and other content for
references to cfmakeraw, and so far not sure what this is or how to get
rid of error.

As always your helps is appreciated well in advance.


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