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> > Subject: Re: libc-documentation
> > Is there anyone who really knows what the current
> > documenting state is, and where to get the docu existing so far?
>  I think I do.  At least to my satisfaction.
> > 
> > It's fairly hard to believe that e.g. a lot of apparently
> > useful libs (such as libregex) are distributed without 
> > ANY docu, making them useless therefore.
> > So I conclude that at least part of it exists -- somewhere...
>  Not all documentation is included with the binaries.  
> Download the source
> code.  It's a judgment call as to how much documentation is 
> included with
> the binaries.  The distribution is already quite large.

It's probably been discussed before, but it would be great if someday cygwin
really was a complete GNU/linux hosted under Windows.  "Complete" in this
case meaning all the docs that you would get with a linux install of the
same packages.  Maybe the development docs (e.g. libc) could be packaged
separately.  I know there are, and will be for a long time, differences
between what you can do on linux and on cygwin, but that's what cygwin is
about -- minimizing those differences (at least in my mind).  In any case
that's how I think of cygwin -- a more or less complete unix emulator, not
just a porting layer.

-- John Wiersba

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