My analysis of some recent discussions.

Robinow, David
Fri Jun 29 11:30:00 GMT 2001

> From: Eric M. Monsler [ ]
> Subject: My analysis of some recent discussions.
> "Robinow, David" wrote:
> > 
> > Larry, have you considered just shutting up when you don't 
> know the answer?
> > > From: Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) [ ]
> (snip)
> > >    5. If I know nothing about the subject, I keep my mouth shut.
 Hey, what is this?  Are you trying to make me look like an idiot??

 Oh! Did I do that?

> You know, I considered a smart-ass answer about whether David Robinow
> had read all of Larry Hall's email. ...
 I plead no contest.  I skimmed it.
 In any case I don't believe Larry has been following his own rules.
 His posts have been driving me crazy for a long time and I finally flipped.
 I think he's the primary cause of this long conversation "about the list"
rather than "about Cygwin".
 There I've said it.
 It's clear from the other responses that nobody agrees with me (in
particular Chris Faylor doesn't agree with me) so I'll shut up about this
issue from now on.
 (Yes, I know what kill files are for.)

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