Using bfd.h under windows 98

Fri Jun 29 09:49:00 GMT 2001

While using some of the functions provided by bfd.h I came across some
errors of undefined references to certain functions although hitting ALT+TAB
I was looking right at them in WordPad in the BFD.h file.

This type of declared function produces an undefined reference error while
compiling the exe:
 asection *
 bfd_get_section_by_name PARAMS ((bfd *abfd, const char *name));

While this one does not:

#define bfd_get_symtab_upper_bound(abfd) \
      BFD_SEND (abfd, _bfd_get_symtab_upper_bound, (abfd))
Unfortunately the only difference I see would be using #define instead of
asection * or boolean * to define it. I don't really know what version im
running I have installed it as of 2 months ago if thats any help =).
I have heard that Linux is able to use BFD (binary file descriptor) without
errors although it seems not to want to work for me under windows..

If anybody knows a solution to this problem I would be very grateful


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