"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

John Wiersba John.Wiersba@medstat.com
Fri Jun 29 09:07:00 GMT 2001

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> It still boils down to how much work I am willing to put into this
> project.  I think I have become convinced that time spent answering
> questions here is, by and large, not appreciated.  You can 
> see it in the
> zip MS-DOS path thread.  I tried to respond quickly with the rationale
> for the apparent bug but was quickly accused of "disdain" -- 
> apparently
> because I wasn't interested in spending my time fixing that particular
> problem.
> So, that's fine.  I will try to curb my response to email here and let
> the community develop its own mechanisms for answering questions.

Chris, let me say that I for one *do* appreciate all the work that you and
others (Larry, Charles, etc) put in answering questions, stupid or
otherwise.  When I ask a question which is appropriately answered by a
pointer to a FAQ or other web page, I do *not* take offense at that.  It's a
perfectly appropriate response.  I also agree with Larry's approach to
answering questions which he detailed in a previous post to this thread.
So, thank all of you for your answers, short or otherwise.

Regarding the zip MS-DOS path thread, I felt obligated to reply to that
thread in an effort to try to help clarify your position (which I also held)
when it didn't seem to be understood by the poster.  After spending your
time replying to someone who doesn't seem to be understanding what you're
saying, I could understand that you might be getting frustrated, so I even
took your "hasty" comments, which you later apologized for, in that light
and just glossed over them.

People (myself included) may at times ask questions which they can answer
for themselves with a little nudge in the right direction.  So, a (very)
brief nudge is appropriate and sufficient.  No offense need be taken by
either side.  I especially like Larry's mention in his post of giving URLs
to subsections inside a web page or FAQ page.  That is especially helpful
and a lot more friendly than just saying "read the FAQ", because the FAQ and
Users Guide are not tiny documents.  Hopefully, once someone gets a response
like this they will start becoming more familiar with the documentation
available and will be less likely to ask questions like this.

-- John Wiersba

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