cygrunsrv wont start sshd as service

Jason Dufair
Fri Jun 29 08:26:00 GMT 2001

Clark Sims wrote:

>Fed Yankowski asked:
>>Are there any cluse in the Even Log? How about in /var/log/sshd*.log?
>I don't know how to read the Event log. If you care to explain how, I will
>gladly do it.
>In /var/log  all of my files are empty. That is they have 0 bytes.
I'm not sure anything ends up in the event log.  I highly doubt it does. 
 OTOH, if you specify the -e flag when you set up sshd as a service, 
then sterr goes to stdout which, by default using cygrunsrv, ends up in 

I have the goal of getting sshd to work as a service using the SYSYEM 
acct (or whatever it's called on W2K).  I _will_ get there.

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