cygrunsrv wont start sshd as service

Clark Sims
Fri Jun 29 05:53:00 GMT 2001

Fed Yankowski asked:

> Are there any cluse in the Even Log? How about in /var/log/sshd*.log?

I don't know how to read the Event log. If you care to explain how, I will
gladly do it.
In /var/log  all of my files are empty. That is they have 0 bytes.

> Is the NT user account you used set up with the necessary "special
> user rights" needed   by ssh? See /user/doc/Cygwin/openssh*.README.

Yes it is. I also detailed step by step how I installed ssh/sshd in the
post: Corrected: How I got ssh to work, and sshd to work from the command
line on NT
I have had a consistent problem trying to use any unix style programs on
windows. I don't know the unix utilities very well, and so whenever I run
into an error,
I don't know if it is because I have entered something into the command line
incorrectly, or whether there is a configuration problem or whether there is
bug in the port to windows. I thought that other people might have the same
problem, so I gave a step by step configuration guide to how I got ssh/sshd
work from the command line.

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