Rlogin issues

Sandeep Tamhankar sandman@Interwoven.com
Thu Jun 28 10:53:00 GMT 2001

I've been trying in vain to get rlogin to work for the last few days.  
It used to work before I upgraded a slew of modules yesterday.  Here's 
what I'm running now:


It seems that the login itself does succeed because I see the motd.  But 
then I get an error from login saying something like:

login: no shell: /bin/bash: Permission denied

I've been playing a lot with my CYGWIN variable and setting the 
c:\cygwin\usr\sbin\inetd.exe REG_SZ variable in the registry, and at the 
moment (i.e. with the cygcheck log I'm including) I'm not getting the 
above error message.  I'm just getting a "connection closed" message.

The other weird thing is that when I try to use other valid 
username-password combinations, it doesn't authenticate.  Oh, and telnet 
works fine.

These are domain users that I've been playing with, and I did specify 
-Udomain\username in /etc/passwd for the relevant users.

Any help would be appreciated.


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