"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

John Wiersba John.Wiersba@medstat.com
Thu Jun 28 08:17:00 GMT 2001

Thanks!  Yes that answers my questions about how to use the source tarballs.
I was in the process of downloading all the source tarballs as this thread
was going on.  Everyone and the documentation seemed to be talking about
needing to use cvs, so my original question was about how to set up a test
environment using the source tarballs available through setup.exe.

-- John Wiersba

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> From: "John Wiersba" <John.Wiersba@medstat.com>
> > Well, what I'd like to do, and what should be standard for 
> any package
> > accepted into the cygwin archive (available to be downloaded with
> > setup.exe), is that each package source tarball should build
> out-of-the-box
> > under cygwin with a simple make configure; make; make test 
> (check?); make
> > install, including the most recent "stable" cygwin source 
> tarball.  With a
> For everything but cygwin1.dll, that _should_ work. Us maintainers put
> pre-patched source (if cygwin patches are needed) into the 
> src tarball. Have
> you tried? If you've tried and a package didn't work, report 
> a bug to the
> maintainer - they will take it seriously. If you're asking a 
> hyopthetical
> "have the cygwin package maintainers done the obvious thing" 
> then I think
> you're wasting my time.
> Some packages such as cygwin1.dll and gcc _WILL NOT_ build in the same
> directory as the source. For them you need
> mkdir pkgdir
> cd pkgdir
> tar xzf /path/to/tarball
> mkdir obj
> cd obj
> ../extractedpackagesrc/configure
> make
> Hope that answers the question.
> Rob

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