"shouted down", "shot down", apologies

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Thu Jun 28 07:21:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 02:31:36AM -0500, Vince Rice wrote:
>Somewhere in this thread you expressed some wonder/frustration at why the
>gcc/gdb projects don't generate the kind of "newbie" requests Cygwin (I just
>tried to find it and it's nowhere to be found; I tend to lose things at this
>time of night).  I have seen this expressed in your messages countless times
>over the three years I've been lurking here.  And I've always wondered at
>your wonder <g>.

I used gcc and gdb as examples.  I could easily have used things like:
"bttv", "ssh", or "zsh".

I follow, to some degree, the discussions in those projects.  There are
few complaints about how hard it is to check things out using cvs or
build the tools.

>GCC and gdb are tools for developers; you don't use them unless you're
>developing something.  However, Cygwin is a tool for users; it's just as
>easy (easier IMHBAO) to *use* the Cygwin tools (defined as the GNU tools,

Well, if you are interested in building Cygwin, you should be some level
of developer, right?  If not, you are really due for an exercise in
frustration?  "What are all these semicolons, anyway?" "Why do all of
the files have this funny .cc extension?"

I won't comment on the rest of your message except to say that I rarely,
if ever, say "use the source" when I know the answer to the question.

I say that when I don't know and when *I* would have to look things up.

You're welcome to continue to ask "newbie" questions as frequently as
you like.  That will not stop me (or others, I presume) from pointing
people to references or suggesting the source when I don't know the
answer myself.

I don't work for anyone here.  I am not obligated to look things up to
make your life easier.  It is that simple.


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