system() not working as expected...

Brian Michael Genisio
Thu Jun 28 05:54:00 GMT 2001

Hello, I am having the following problem... I am trying to port a program that
uses the system call.  It works fine if I call it from the cygwin environment's
bash shell, but if I just run bash.exe from a dos prompt, and run the program,
the system() call does not work.

Here is an example :
int main(void)

If I compile and run from the bash command line, it works great.  Next, on a
clean system, I copy the sample program, bash.exe, dir.exe and cygwin1.dll to a
directory, and run bash.exe.  Now, I call the sample program, and it exits

My first thought was that stdout was not displaying correctly, so I tried :
system("dir >junkfile") I got the same results... junkfile was created in the
cygwin environment, and not in the raw bash environment.

My next thought was that the paths were being confused somehow, so I tried
compiling with system("$PWD/dir") and absolute paths... still, I get the same

Any Ideas?

      \\|//   Brian Genisio
      (o o)

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